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This was a pretty good one! The animation is fluid and has a good pace, also the artwork itself is pretty creative in my opinion. However, the voice acting could use a lot more improvement. It doesn't help that the music tends to be louder than the voice acting. Just remember to amplify the lines if you ever make a next project like this one. But still, I really did enjoy this submission. If this were to be a legit series, I would really watch it. You and your team did a great job, and I hope you get a good grade on this. Truly a piece of art! :)

While the animation is pretty fluid and the artwork is pretty good in my opinion, this has some nitpicks with it. Any piece of audio would be nice to have instead of leaving it just silent. It would help engage your viewers more. Also something like this may be better off on your dumping grounds instead of submitting it under judgement. Under judgement is more for legit, really well-made projects instead of just loops. The overall submission is decent for what it is. You just need to be more careful on what you submit. Just throwing out some tips here. Good luck!

Shoodawatta responds:

Thanks for the feedback ShaeGuy! Yes your definetly right about the audio (or lack of it!). I actually started gathering some sounds for this but realised i wouldn't have had enough to make the deadline. Saying that there's no reason i couldn't have added it after for this upload. Good point. Thanks for the heads up, I'm not on this site a hell of alot (the amount of content i have reflects that!) So I tend to default to submitting it regularly. I will try to be more specific in which section of the site to upload to in future.

Thanks again!

What can I even say? It's everything a parody should be! Fast-paced, fluid, hilarious, and anti-climatic. 5/5 Rating! Keep up the amazing work! :)

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Although the music is really nice and so are the game levels, there should be some animation on the cat whenever he moves around. Still, keep it up!

I know this is suppose to suck, but you could've at least added more into it. Like some weird sound effects, or maybe weird music into it.

Pretty good. Keep it up!

DLyonsTheNewground responds:

Wow, thanks! :)

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That was pretty good. Love it! lol

Dootz responds:

Um, thank you?

Very nice man! Love it! :)

Really nice beat to it. :)

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Poor girl. lol

But yeah, it looks pretty decent and everything. The linework looks especially good. Hope it goes well in the Sketch Collab. Good luck!

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks mate appeciate the comments my line work was to clean in this apparently, lol. Come join us everyone is welcome plenty of spots I'm sure we all can do well.

Kind regards,


What can I say? It looks really well-detailed, and the color scheme is really good. It speaks for itself. :)

CalebJordan360 responds:

Aw dude, thank you so much.

People better watch out for Jason's cousin. xD

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