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ShaeGuy's News

Posted by ShaeGuy - 1 month ago

So it's been about 3 weeks since I returned home, and it has so far been the busiest summer. There were certain things breaking down here at my house; such as the a/c, internet, and the septic for the plumbing. The latter of the 3 was the one we struggled with the most, and even had to dig a huge hole outside the backyard just to find the septic. And even with this going on, there is this old house we use to live in that was pretty much left in ruin. So my folks and I have been working on that for the past 3 weeks, and we need to tear out the kitchen flooring because there was a water leak that never got fixed. Despite this, we have made plenty of progress. All 3 things at my house were fixed, and the old house has been getting some repairs made; not to mention the progress on the kitchen floor is good. But even with all of this, I officially have my very 1st job! It will be over at the coroplast factory where they make plastic, and it has a good pay of $9.85 an hour. If I keep it up, I should have plenty of money to last over my final semester at college! I start tomorrow at 3 pm, and it will last up to 11 pm. It's going to be tiring, but I appreciate the money and some of the people working there. Wish me luck! :)

Posted by ShaeGuy - May 3rd, 2018

As of today, I am done for this semester! It's been another hard semester to work with, but it was all worth it! Now I am ready for the 3 month break which I rightfully deserve! Can't wait for next monday to come! I'd love to see some familiar faces! :D

Posted by ShaeGuy - April 29th, 2018

So once again, summer vacation is coming soon. I have 1 more week until this semester is over, and I can hardly wait. This semester has been draining my brain lol. And I can't wait to be refreshed during the 3 months of me being home. So far, I have everything done for math and sociology. I just have Graphic Design II and Emerging Media to work on. All I have left is two final projects for both classes, and that will be it. It's going to be a real busy week for me, but that's why I'll be going to college on Monday and Wednesday just to get extra work done. It's something I've done 3 times already, and it is worth it. Something I forgot to mention all this time, but the math class I'm in was actually Transitional Algebra, meaning this class was just a preparation for the real math class which will be next semester. I'd be annoyed, but at least I will have 1 more semester after summer break, and then I will graduate. It has been a long road for me, and I'm getting closer to getting a degree in college. It's something I'll be really happy about. :)

Posted by ShaeGuy - April 1st, 2018

Something bad just came up at college, and I don't really know how to talk about it. :/

Posted by ShaeGuy - March 27th, 2018

So for the past week, it seems that a lot of my sickness went away. That is except for the throat, which is still pretty sore. It turns out I got Strep, so I'm expected to be in the medical housing for a couple days. Really hoping this will blow over soon. I have college and everything. :/

Posted by ShaeGuy - March 20th, 2018

So recently, I found myself sick. My throat is hoarse, I have chest congestion, my nose is pretty much a waterfall, and I feel light-headed from time to time. I found myself having to take a couple pills every 4 hours. I rarely ever get sick, so this is big news to me. Hate feeling this way. :(

Posted by ShaeGuy - March 9th, 2018

So my folks and I went out yesterday and did plenty of things. We all went to see Jumanji in theatres, went to the mall, went to a couple bookstores, and ate at applebees. Also got myself plenty of stuff from the mall and bookstores. Some of you will probably love what I got. :D


Posted by ShaeGuy - March 2nd, 2018

So now I'm on spring break! Though it's not really a break when there is stuff to do during it, but still. I even got my college refund check in the mail and everything. Should be a good time. lol

Posted by ShaeGuy - February 27th, 2018

So in math class, one of the teachers was passing out hats just because why not lol. And I got myself a college hat. Not that it's too important or anything, but I thought I'd show it off. xD


Posted by ShaeGuy - February 12th, 2018

So I got this in the mail today, and it's the reason why I love Ashley so much. Getting me any kind of game merchandise in a shape of a heart. She couldn't be any more cute even if she tried. Love you Ashley! Can't wait for our anniversary tomorrow! :D