Entry #300

7 years now!

2017-09-20 20:33:48 by ShaeGuy

It's that time of year again. For those who don't know, today marks 7 years since I 1st joined YouTube. It is also when I 1st began my animation career. Around this time, I like to look back at all the improvement I made from "Lunch Time" to "Happy Halloween". It is amazing how 7 years can change you. I'll be sharing 2 videos. My oldest animation video to a "recent" animation video. And you'll will see the change in quality. And hopefully one day soon, I will get my drive back into gear and make more content. But in the meantime, I have college to work on. But yeah, hope you all had a good day. :)




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2017-09-20 21:01:17

Congratulations,I hope you have many anniversaries to come!