Entry #294

How it went.

2017-08-17 21:36:02 by ShaeGuy

The 1st week of college is over, and so far it started off pretty slow. The week was pretty much just the professors trying to get everything set up while other students went out to get books. I already had mine, so I was pretty much waiting around for things to begin. But at this point, the professors got mostly everything put up and are giving us instructions as we speak. So next week will be the 1st week that we actually start getting to work. Looking forward to it. But not as much as the solar eclipse, which will be next monday. I'm only hoping that it will not be too cloudy that you can't even see it because I've never seen a solar eclipse before. If it's suppose to be mostly sunny monday, I will be making a video about it, and putting it on the internet. Quite a bit to look forward too, and hopefully everything goes to plan! :)


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