Entry #292

Got some money back!

2017-08-10 09:51:56 by ShaeGuy

So we all went to the college bookstore, and I had some books to sell. I was only able to sell 2 out of 4 back. One of them has "water damage" even though I never did got the book wet. It was like that already. And the other one I don't know. But even then, I still got back $36. It was like $25 more than when I sold most of my books last semester. So this is quite an improvement lol. But yeah, got the books that I needed. One of my classes already has every piece of information available online, so I didn't need a hard cover book for it. After today I'll be ready for the 1st day of class next monday! And today I'll be heading down to Wal-Mart with my girlfriend. Maybe even get some McDonalds together. This has been great! :3


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