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Get Out is amazing!

2017-05-21 19:08:01 by ShaeGuy

Just today, I saw Get Out! And it is one of the most amazing horror-thriller movies I have ever seen! Not once was I even bored of watching it! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time! It was creepy, unsettling, and it knew how to make you uncomfortable! I am so glad my folks got it for me! Please see it if you have not already! :D

So yeah, here is a parody of Rapunzel that I made for my 2D Animation class online in college. It's nothing special, but I think you will get a laugh out of this! lol

Summer Break Begins! (again)

2017-05-06 17:36:36 by ShaeGuy

This was another long time coming, but after 4 months of hard college work, I am finally back at home for my 3 months of summer break! I do have plans in mind that I made for myself, and my folks made for me. I do plan on working on a few animation projects while I am here, though I'm not gonna go into much detail about what they are or when they will come out. One of them you all already know, and the rest is for you all to find out. It had been a long day, but I'm ready to relax for a while. I'll talk to you all later! ;)

Some plans going on!

2017-04-29 15:45:50 by ShaeGuy

Ok, so according to the message Mrs. King sent to all of the college students, we are to report back to the Carl D. Perkins center either as early as the weekend before August 9th, or no later than Tuesday August 8th. That means I will be getting an exact 3 months of summer break! Really am happy about that because I can use it at this point. After 4-5 months of college work, it's time to take a breather and start working on some small projects for animation. Though at this point, I will let it be a surprise. You will only know about my animations on the day I get done with them. It's better that way instead of getting people's hopes high for nothing. Also tomorrow I plan on doing a pizza party with my girlfriend Ashley since this may be the last time we do one together. I will be missing her and everything, but it is what it is. And until the day we meet up again, we have to work hard on our lives, and plan for a great future head of us. Also plan on getting a haircut at some point next week before leaving the center. I want to feel fresh when I get picked up and everything. There is still more to tell, but I'll save it for another time. Hope you all have a great summer! :)

One More Week!

2017-04-28 14:45:50 by ShaeGuy

So yeah, I apologize for basically disappearing for weeks. For the majority of April, I was just trying to get my college work done and caught up, and it was definitely no easy task. Sometimes it got really stressful, and it was a headache. But after long last, I finally got everything done in all of my classes! That means no more work! Either everything is already graded, or it will be graded soon. Couldn't be anymore happy! So this means that I should be leaving by the 5th of May next week. Just one more week from now! I still have to wrap up my April progress with Mrs. King on the 4th, and be leaving by Friday. There is so many plans I want to go over with everybody, but I think I will save it for another time. Meanwhile, I will be celebrating by laying in bed lol. But yeah, really happy right now! :D

Tween animation test!

2017-04-03 10:59:29 by ShaeGuy

So over a week ago for my 2D Animation class, we had to do a project based around animation tweens. The project also had to be about a children's story book of any kind. So I went with Tom Sawyer because it is a simple story, and also because I have a character named "Tom" Wacky lol. It's just a test, but I think it was alright for my 1st time using tweens. I got a 100 score on it, so I assume my professor likes it. Even though I'd prefer frame-by-frame animation, I hope you all like this anyway. :3

What is this?

2017-04-01 15:18:33 by ShaeGuy


Got my license!

2017-03-27 10:29:26 by ShaeGuy

So today I went down to take my 1st road test. And I passed it! I don't even think there were any mistakes I made while doing my road test too! I really do like to give a big special thanks to Mrs. Gound for the entire year of practice! She rarely ever had any students that failed their road tests, and I can see why! I wish her the best of luck to her other students, and I'm proud to say that I am not only a licensed driver, but an organ doner too. :D




Last Driving Lesson!

2017-03-24 19:49:51 by ShaeGuy

So after a year of doing so, today was the day of my last driving lesson. There will be no more after my road test. I am very grateful for having Mrs. Gound as my driving instructor. She really did help teaching me a lot about driving. So next monday I will be leaving really early in the morning at 6:45. So that means I will have to get sleep early on sunday. And I will be trying my best to see if I get my license. If I don't get it, I'll be trying for it at home during summer. If I do get my license, then yay! Either way, wish me luck on my road test next monday! :D

Road Test soon!

2017-03-23 11:01:33 by ShaeGuy

I know I've mention this before, but either next monday or tuesday I'll be taking my first road test. I was suppose to have done that already, but there were a couple lessons I had to improve on, such as "Who has the right-of-way at a traffic light" and what-not. But yeah, at this point I don't think my driving instructor will be holding back anymore. And I'm feeling pretty good about this. Since February 2016 I've been doing driving lessons. And after a year of doing so, it is time to put myself to the test. Just today my driving instructor had me do a pretend road test around the course twice, and I did it both amazingly. This means I have a good chance of getting my license next week. If not, then looks like I'll have a big objective for my summer break. Either way, I'll try my best, and I wish myself the best of luck. :)