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Tween animation test!

2017-04-03 10:59:29 by ShaeGuy

So over a week ago for my 2D Animation class, we had to do a project based around animation tweens. The project also had to be about a children's story book of any kind. So I went with Tom Sawyer because it is a simple story, and also because I have a character named "Tom" Wacky lol. It's just a test, but I think it was alright for my 1st time using tweens. I got a 100 score on it, so I assume my professor likes it. Even though I'd prefer frame-by-frame animation, I hope you all like this anyway. :3

What is this?

2017-04-01 15:18:33 by ShaeGuy


Got my license!

2017-03-27 10:29:26 by ShaeGuy

So today I went down to take my 1st road test. And I passed it! I don't even think there were any mistakes I made while doing my road test too! I really do like to give a big special thanks to Mrs. Gound for the entire year of practice! She rarely ever had any students that failed their road tests, and I can see why! I wish her the best of luck to her other students, and I'm proud to say that I am not only a licensed driver, but an organ doner too. :D




Last Driving Lesson!

2017-03-24 19:49:51 by ShaeGuy

So after a year of doing so, today was the day of my last driving lesson. There will be no more after my road test. I am very grateful for having Mrs. Gound as my driving instructor. She really did help teaching me a lot about driving. So next monday I will be leaving really early in the morning at 6:45. So that means I will have to get sleep early on sunday. And I will be trying my best to see if I get my license. If I don't get it, I'll be trying for it at home during summer. If I do get my license, then yay! Either way, wish me luck on my road test next monday! :D

Road Test soon!

2017-03-23 11:01:33 by ShaeGuy

I know I've mention this before, but either next monday or tuesday I'll be taking my first road test. I was suppose to have done that already, but there were a couple lessons I had to improve on, such as "Who has the right-of-way at a traffic light" and what-not. But yeah, at this point I don't think my driving instructor will be holding back anymore. And I'm feeling pretty good about this. Since February 2016 I've been doing driving lessons. And after a year of doing so, it is time to put myself to the test. Just today my driving instructor had me do a pretend road test around the course twice, and I did it both amazingly. This means I have a good chance of getting my license next week. If not, then looks like I'll have a big objective for my summer break. Either way, I'll try my best, and I wish myself the best of luck. :)

Big Update!

2017-03-20 21:15:53 by ShaeGuy

Hey everybody! I was pretty much busy with college all week last week. Gotta keep up the grades and everything. And I was doing an Austin Powers marathon with my girlfriend last weekend. She barely saw any of the movies, and now she loves them lol. And just today I got my schedule for the next semester in fall. This time it will only be 4 classes instead of 5. Pretty happy to get some weight off my shoulders. And I believe tomorrow I will be going on a Wal-Mart trip to get some things. These use to have been on thurdays, but now they are on tuesdays. Not sure how to feel about that lol. I just wanted to update on some things because I felt bad for leaving you all out in the open. Hope everybody is doing great in their lives. ;)

Voice act in a video!

2017-03-12 15:15:19 by ShaeGuy

So far this is the 1st video I voice acted in 2017. And hopefully I'll be voice acting in my own videos soon lol. But yeah, this was made by JoAnn Raptorgirl. She is a very good friend of mine on the internet, and I hope you enjoy her animation! :)

Back at the center!

2017-03-11 12:12:20 by ShaeGuy

So for over a week now I've been doing college work as usual, and I've just been hanging out in my room for the majority of spring break. The most productive thing I did besides work was voice act for a certain video that should be out soon, and when it does, I'll be giving a link for you all to see it. I finally came back to Carl D. Perkins today, and I have some plans with my girlfriend such as a pizza night. She always liked that lol. And at some point next week, I'll see if I can try to work on the Chili and Crackers animation. I'm sorry for the delay, but I've been very busy with college (like that was not obvious lol), and also being lazy to be honest. Hopefully my productivity will return soon, and I can finally start having animations out for this year. Wish me luck! :)

Getting work done!

2017-03-03 22:02:57 by ShaeGuy

Not long into my spring break, and I'm already doing college work to get some classes caught up. I was doing Photoshop Basics today, and it was basically making a poster to promote myself. And after 6 hours of book work, and actually doing the project, it is finally done! And I thought it turned out great. lol


Getting ready for spring break!

2017-03-01 22:22:58 by ShaeGuy

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Spring Break! And I shouldn't be back until the 12th. Since I have no driving lessons, college, or anything like that tomorrow, I will be able to leave. Friday is pretty much the same thing except there is no college on friday in general. Speaking of college, today I got quite a bit done for work. Got some things done in Photoshop Basics and Typography. It was a piece of hell, but it's good to get some weight off. Of course I stilll have more to do, but it's good to know I'm getting stuff done! And having all this time for spring break, I can get a whole lot more done that way! Good to know I went from stressed to relax in just one day lmao. But yeah, can't wait for spring break to roll in. I may even be seeing the movie "Get Out". I heard it was good, and I can't wait to see it. :D